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conscious sedation dentistry for Bakersfield and Delano CAIn our office, we provide our patients with the option of conscious sedation dentistry. We believe that conscious sedation offers a great number of benefits and is an excellent fit for many of our patients.

What is conscious sedation dentistry?

Conscious sedation dentistry is just what it sounds like; you will remain awake for your dental procedure, although we provide sedatives and anesthesia that will make the procedure painless and stress-free.

How will I feel during my conscious sedation procedure?

Most clients feel relaxed, peaceful, and slightly drowsy. Depending on the depth of the sedation, you might be able to fall asleep right there in the chair. Most importantly of all, you won’t feel any pain or discomfort, no matter the procedure.

How is conscious sedation administered?

There are two different ways to administer this moderate sedative.

One common option is by inhaling laughing gas. This is a safe method of sedation that has been in use for decades. The effects wear off quickly after the dental procedure is finished. You can safely drive yourself to and from the appointment.

In some cases, people take the sedative orally in the form of a pill. You will take this pill prior to your appointment. It will make you feel very relaxed throughout your procedure. Because this method can sometimes make you groggy, you will require a ride to and from your appointment to ensure safety.

Talk to our staff members about these methods and learn the different advantages and disadvantages!

solve dental anxiety for Tehachapi and Delano CA patientsWhat if I have dental anxiety?

Dental anxiety does not have to stop you from getting the dental care you need. In fact, many Americans experience some level of dental anxiety, and conscious sedation is a great solution to that particular problem.

Conscious sedation is a way that we can make your appointment both relaxing and comfortable. When we can ease your dental anxiety, we can then begin restoring your oral health. This makes conscious sedation good for your overall well-being and your teeth!

Thanks to the sedative we provide, you will be able to relax during your procedure, no matter how worried you might find yourself beforehand. Being conscious through the procedure can give you a post-procedure confidence boost, too; knowing that you stayed calm while conscious can make the next dental procedure that much less intimidating.

Let Us Soothe Your Anxiety at Masterworks Dentistry

If you’d like to schedule an appointment or ask any questions about our conscious sedation dentistry, contact us in Bakersfield today! We help patients from all over the area, including Tehachapi and Delano CA!

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