Prepless Veneers

Beautiful Veneers for Bakersfield

prepless veneers for Delano and TehachapiPrepless veneers are a thin layer of a ceramic-like material that can cover the surface of your teeth. Veneers are a great solution to chipped, stained, or worn down teeth.

In our office, our prepless veneers of choice are Lumineers. It’s our opinion that Lumineers offer our patients amazing advantages, and we believe that after trying them for yourself, you’ll agree.

What makes Lumineers different from other veneers?

First of all, the biggest advantage is that Lumineers are ultra-thin. Where most porcelain veneers require reshaping teeth in order to fit, at just 0.2 millimeters, Lumineers don’t require that shaping process. Also due to how thin Lumineers are, the Lumineer application is much easier than typical veneers for teeth.

Lumineers are also designed to be highly translucent. This benefit makes your Lumineer veneers look much more like your original teeth, giving you a beautiful smile that looks and feels natural!

easy veneer options for BakersfieldHow long will Lumineers last?

These thin, great-looking veneers have been proven to last over twenty years while still giving you the same beautiful smile. Prepless veneers are a worthwhile investment that will pay dividends years down the road.

Do Lumineers come with any food restrictions?

Not at all. Lumineers are extremely durable, and foods and liquids should have no effect on the bonding. However, remember to maintain your usual oral hygiene habits. Lumineers are not a replacement for brushing and flossing on a regular basis.

Can Lumineers be removed?

Yes. Lumineers can be removed whenever you’d like because of its unique application process. Underneath the Lumineers, your teeth are as healthy as ever!

If you have any other questions about Lumineers or would like to schedule an appointment to discuss your compatibility with Lumineers, contact us in Bakersfield today. Our staff would love to give you a beautiful smile if you are in the area, including Tehachapi and Delano CA!

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