CEREC Same-Day Crowns

CEREC Porcelain Crowns in Bakersfield

CEREC crowns for Delano CA and TehachapiAt Masterworks Dentistry, you also have the option of using CEREC technology for your crowns. This option is available to any of our patients who would rather forego the traditional crown process to have their porcelain crowns placed in a single day instead.

The Traditional Crown Process

In the past, patients would come in to have messy impressions taken. The gag-inducing material would help create a mold that would be used by a dental lab to create crowns. The dental lab needed 10 to 14 days to create crowns, which were then sent to the office.

Sometimes these crowns needed to be adjusted because the molds were not precise enough. Adjustments to these crowns took even more time, leaving the patient with uncomfortable temporary crowns in the meantime.

Dr. Dickens is an amazing dentist! I needed crowns on my front teeth and he made me the most beautiful porcelain crowns on my front teeth in time for my daughter’s wedding! … Dr. Dickens is truly amazing.

Rebecca L.

same day crowns in BakersfieldRevolutionizing Crowns with CEREC

CEREC is much quicker than more traditional methods of crown placement. With CEREC technology, we can have a custom-made cap over your damaged tooth the same day you come in for your appointment! This machine contributes greatly to making treatment at our office a masterpiece.

The process begins with highly accurate 3-D imaging. Rather than creating your crowns based on what we can see on the surface, we have the ability to see the structures that support your tooth as well as the chewing surface. Once we have a 3-D model of your tooth, we can design your unique crown.

This is where the CEREC machine truly makes a difference. Using 3-D imaging and computer-aided design and manufacturing, our CEREC machine can make a precise, personalized cap to fit your tooth in no time.

Instead of waiting several days for your new crown to arrive, you can walk out of our office the same day with your unique crown!

Get a Crown Today!

We love the way our CEREC machine makes treatment a masterpiece. We know you will, too. Call our Bakersfield office to find out what day we can give you a customized crown to protect your tooth if you are in the area, including Tehachapi and Delano CA!

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